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How much does a garage door cost?

The cost of a garage door depends on a number of factors such as: the brand, model, size, material, insulated vs non-insulated, decorative options and site conditions.

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What size door opener do I need for my door?

Generally speaking, for residential garage doors, a 1/2 horsepower opener is sufficient for most single-car and two-car garage doors. Heavier doors, like some custom wood doors, may require a 3/4 horsepower model.

The only way I can close the door is by holding the button the whole time. What’s wrong?

When a garage door goes down only a few inches before reversing and going back up, it could mean that the sensors may be dirty or need realigning. The sensors (or photocells) are located a few inches off the ground on either side of the tracks of your garage door. After cleaning the lenses on the sensors, test the door. If it still does not close, adjust one of the sensors by moving the bracket just a little bit and test the door again. Be sure you are not standing underneath the door when you are testing to see if it closes.

When a spring breaks, should I replace both?

If you have a double door and one spring breaks, there’s a good chance that the other spring is going to break soon. A visual inspection of the spring won’t show if it’s going to break soon. By replacing both springs at the same time, you will save money by eliminating a second service call.

The motor runs, but the door doesn’t move.

If you have a chain drive opener from Sears, Chamberlain or Liftmaster, this could mean that the unit has stripped gears. If your opener is over 12 years old, we’d recommend replacing the unit rather than spending the money to replace the gears. A garage door opener usually lasts 12-15 years or so. Generally speaking, the two main components that go out on a garage door opener are the logic board and gears. The cost to replace both of those parts is close to the cost of a whole new unit.

Belt Drive vs Chain drive. What is the correct choice?

If you have living space above your garage, we recommend a belt drive opener. They are quieter than chain drive openers. That’s not to say that chain drive openers are really loud; it just means that belt drive units are quieter! Chain drive openers are less expensive, so that may be an important factor for you when you are choosing a new opener.

Is preventative maintenance on my door necessary?

Like any device with moving parts, the modern garage door should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. An annual inspection of the rollers, tracks, springs, cables, and opener, if you have one, will go a long way towards keeping your investment functioning at its best. This is especially true if your door and/or opener are older and/or get frequent use. Don’t let little things grow in to larger, more costly repairs. Call us and schedule your inspection today.



I have dents in my door. What can I do?

We do not pound out dents in doors, but replace the dented sections. If you’d like a quote on replacement section(s), please contact us. Please check and see on the sides of the section if there is a label from the manufacturer before contacting us. We have access to many garage door manufacturers, but not all. In addition, knowing the model number of your door will help us determine if that model is still being made.

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